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ELLIPAL - Next-Generation Cold Wallet

ELLIPAL is a next-generation cold wallet that is both comprehensive and extremely secure, making it ideal for all cryptocurrency users. The "ELLIPAL Titan," ELLIPAL's newest cold wallet, will be the first fully metal sealed and air-gapped cold wallet with mobile compatibility. ELLIPAL's first-generation cold wallet, debuted in 2018, has gotten a lot of positive feedback from users all around the world and has been shipped to over 70 countries. 

Cost Time Savings at ELLIPAL

Everyone may use ELLIPAL for free, and you can extend your time by purchasing one of the reasonable packages.

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ELLIPAL offers unrivalled performance and ensures that websites load quickly. You can quickly change the designs using the WordPress customizer, which has a vast range of options and requires no coding skills. You can contact the customer support team with any doubts or inquiries by sending emails at [email protected] Troubleshooting issues can also be found on the FAQ page.

You can also follow ELLIPAL on Ellipal Facebook and Ellipal Twitter to receive updates and stay up to speed on the latest trends.

Return Policy and Warranty

ELLIPAL stands behind its products and services, and if you have a problem, you may contact the team for a refund within 14 days of purchase. Refunds are processed as quickly as feasible. After fourteen days, no refunds will be processed.

In terms of warranties, the products are offered "as is," with no assurances as to their quality, and they are never responsible for any damage or flaws in the product.


ELLIPAL Limited is a blockchain technology business based in Hong Kong that focuses on bitcoin security and blockchain service facilities. ELLIPAL's objective is to connect every individual to the blockchain in a secure and convenient manner, offering users one-stop secure cryptocurrency management services on mobile. ELLIPAL Titan, on the other hand, is designed to be incompatible with any online device, earning it the moniker "The Cold Wallet." ELLIPAL is well-known in the community for providing excellent customer service. The quick-thinking team will assist you in resolving any concerns as quickly as possible. 

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