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Honest Amish - Beard Care Products and Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm is everything a beard product might be. The packaging is attractive, the bag is practical, the tin opens quickly, and the instructions are thorough, including instructions about realigning your product if it begins to melt during shipping. That reveals a lot about the company's attitude toward its customers and products. The fragrance is probably the best of all the balms you've used so far. It's subtle, but it's present and enjoyable. The best part of the scent is how much it smells, not just how it smells. There isn't any overpowering, lingering, or headache-inducing odor ratio.

Different Packages and Offers From Honest Amish

  • An amber glass bottle comes with a glass stopper is included in the kit. The amber protects the oil product from light, and the stopper makes it easier to determine the exact amount of oil needed for each application. That's what there is to it.
  • Each bottle has a capacity of two ounces. The average size of other beard oils on the market is 1 or 2 ounces, so Honest Amish is on the higher end. Furthermore, since you only need a small amount of oil for each use, this quantity can last you a long time.
  • Each bottle could easily last 1 to 3 months if used regularly. It depends on the length of your beard, its condition, and how often you use the oil. This oil does not go bad if stored correctly in a cold, dry location and can last for years.

Reach Honest Amish On

Honest Amish created a beard oil that helps with dry skin, beard druff, itchiness, discomfort and makes your beard look fuller and shinier by carefully mixing different oils. You can contact Honest Amish's customer support team via the contact form or by writing a mail to [email protected], which is directly emailed to the company if you have any concerns or questions about how it functions or something else. 

You will find out the latest information and alerts by following Honest Amish on Honest Amish Facebook and Honest Amish Instagram.

Refund and Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your monthly subscription, you can easily cancel it at any time. The Honest Amish team is very supportive. They give a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to their customers, which means that you can request a full refund within 30 days of signing up if you are unhappy with how the product performs.

About Honest Amish

Honest Amish began as a small community of people who sold their wares at local festivals, farmer's markets, and flea markets. They expanded online as a result of their popularity while maintaining their core values and practices. Based in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, Honest Amish handcrafts all of their products using only raw, organic, and sustainable ingredients. They still refuse to use plastic, synthetic chemicals, or fragrances in any of their packaging. The Honest Amish Beard Oil is a seven-oil blend designed to keep your beard tender, moisturized, and balanced.

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